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Culturally Responsive Grief Support

The mission of Adam’s Purpose is to offer help, hope and healing to communities of Color who are impacted by grief, loss and trauma. We accomplish this by normalizing grief recovery through grief awareness, grief education and by promoting access to culturally competent support services.


We normalize grief by transparently sharing our experiences with grief openly and honestly. We increase relevant and cultural discussions related to grief, loss and trauma among communities of color to identify the impact on mental health and the need for support.


We provide educational content of grief, loss and trauma. We facilitate small groups, conferences and workshops to empower the community. We also host memorializing events to honor special holidays to foster hope as we all grieve forward together.


We encourage and promote access to culturally competent support groups and grief therapy to improve healthier outcomes for those impacted by grief, loss and trauma. We desire to foster a network of resources to help the community cope well and live well after loss.